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Professional Piano Movers to Make your Shift Easier!

When it comes to piano moving, many people make a terrible mistake. To cut the moving cost, they often stumble upon hiring the services of a piano mover without any experience. At times, this also causes the piano to get damaged accidently and due to the fact that the piano mover don’t really know what he was doing.

If you want to move your piano to your new place, it would definitely be best to hire the services of a reputable piano mover in your area. Here is a rundown of some of the most important reasons to hire professionals:

1. Pianos are very weighty as well as uncomfortable. They can really weigh around 1000 pounds or even more. You should hire the professionals who have the needed experience n the same industry. Trying to move the piano on your own not only prone risk to your safety, but may even damage your own piano. It’s really not sensible to put your back and neck at the risk of injuries. So you can see that the additional cost of appointing the piano movers is both an inexpensive and justifiable way to prevent any severe damages.

2. There is a reason that individuals are ready pay extra to hire the professional piano movers. The delicate items like piano need special care and attention while moving. They are simply hard to handle and carry, specifically around staircases and hallways.

3. Professionals use certain types of techniques as well as equipment in order to accomplish the job with perfection. Many professionals also use skids which are known as piano boards, to transport the pianos. Professional piano movers make sure to wrap your piano in the blankets and strive to strap it to the board to minimize the damage.

4. Pianos are pretty costly and treasured by many. Often they are irreplaceable and can also cause a person to be sentimental. When moving your piano, take every possible and precaution to avoid any possible damage done to it. Make sure to choose the best movers to get your piano moved with perfection.

5. Even if you are looking to move your piano to the other room in your home, it is best to consult with professional piano movers. The professionals’ hold expertise in their niche and accomplish the job with perfection. Never trust a relative or a friend to do the job.

6. The professionals completely understand the structure and functionality of your piano.

7. Pianos are very heavy. Their weight is equally distributed throughout the case. Unless you hire a professional who is properly skilled at handling the equipment correct equipment with optimal experience, accidents can happen.

Looking for a good piano mover? Don't just hire anyone. Make sure that appoint the company who possess extensive experience in the piano moving. It is certainly worth your time in finding the right one.


Benefits of Hiring Best Piano Movers

As we all know moving a piano is definitely not an easy job. Many individuals own a concert grand of the baby grand piano as great investment. As they are so much heavy and big and, although being much delicate, they need be shifted suitably with utmost care and protection. Even a little bit of spoilage or damage could bring more expenditure, even greater than its original cost.

So it’s always best to have a big heart and don't worry about spending a few bucks. You must hire the services of a professional piano mover rather than moving all by you. There could be a number of reasons for which you looking to move your piano. It could be either shifting to a new place or to a different room or even across country and town. For whatever reasons, hiring the services of experienced movers always assist in a smooth and safe piano moving.

The skilled professionals are very well aware about the packing and shifting of breakable items, such as piano. They are always there for you, to help, advice and shift your piano from one place to the other, in the most appropriate manner.

There are a number of factors, which will prove you that how moving your piano all by yourself could be expensive as well as dangerous. The primary reasons of escaping from accomplishing all the shifting by yourself are the amount of painstaking labor and needless efforts it will take. Most people are not really aware of the right way to shift things. Therefore, moving without the help of experts can be risky and could lead to back and neck sprains.

The next reason for avoiding the shifting of piano on your own manually could be the risk of injury. It doesn't really matter if you and your friends are strong enough to shift it. It is also not be hundred percent certain that you would move your expensive piano without any single scratch! Even a small dent could cause heavy expenditure, maybe much more than the cost of hiring the professional piano movers. Therefore, it's quite sensible and cheaper to appoint such expert movers and get all the moving done right away in one go itself. Rest assured to getting your work done by professional in the best style at competitive prices.


Professional Packing And Unpacking Moving Services

Packing a lounge is perhaps one of many difficult jobs seeing as there are a number of diverse items regarding packed. Rushing through this process is a strict no-no because you might end up packing the items too tight, which could cause them to break open during your way to your new home. Packing them too loose will make your items bumping against each other to get broken, scratched or chipped.

The right moving company should provide special boxes for all your precious items and merely. They should also provide different supplies so that the fragile items are protected. All of these boxes should be sent days before the moving day so that no surprises appeared.

DON'T hire a mover which does not take other styles of payment except hard earned cash. Cash is okay but end up being be tricky trace make the most case include been scammed and your things also been stolen together with fake mover. Credit cards are safer how to move, you still need be careful especially in order to are likely to pay this internet.

I also needed a little extra storage boxes, so Began my search with my local Salvation Army. I ran across a couple of sturdy boxes there, nonetheless they ended up charging me for these. So since I didn't want to waste my cash boxes, I turned to my friends, neighbors, and family any kind of extra boxes they sometimes have lying around and Applied able acquire more than enough for my focus.

The idea behind a moving dolly is to help in moving heavy or awkward sized objects by rolling them the where should be go. The same thing goes for a hand truck, power tools can keep the movers, the floors, along with the object itself from being damaged. Too often, large boxes, bits of furniture, or electronics get ruined being moved too hastily or dropped whilst they may not weight. Employing a hand truck, dolly, or a set of lift straps you can avoid painful or costly accidents.

Tell yourself that the there is very little use worrying over why it ended now. Your house breakup was mutual or not, you have to realize you just can't modify the past. Being angry at yourself or perhaps partner won't do you any good, and you have to surpass those feelings to heal.

Going to reside in the Chicago suburbs? You should definitely research the moving firms there before picking one of them. Go online and look for listings around you are moving to such as Champaign movers, Des Plaines moving experts, moving services in Elgin, or Highland Park moving professionals.

Piano movers in San Jose and Bay area

Looking for experienced piano movers? Over many years, San Jose Piano Movers are fully insured to protect your treasured and valuable instrument as well as your home in the moving process. San Jose piano expert movers assure you of efficient and trouble-free moving services.

Moving a piano is both art and science form. Piano movers are required to have a specialized tools, knowledge and experience of what will need to do in their job in order to avoid any damages as well as to protect the furniture of your home. Each type of piano has a different size and weight that every piano mover should know.  Also, moving a piano is said to be dangerous operation. This is the reason why they are to be done only by experts.

Moving your precious piano is quite difficult task. For this reason, you have to make sure it that it will be moved safely to and avoid it from any damages. San Jose piano movers take this kind of service seriously. They make sure that there will be no damages that may happen to your valuable and precious piano. The piano movers of San Jose have been are said to be certified trained and effective to handle your precious and treasured piano. In addition, piano movers of San Jose are in charge in the relocation of your piano.

Piano movers insure that your valuable piano move is damage-free. The team of piano movers are experts to assist you with your problem regarding piano. They are proud to stand as piano movers in both local and household services for all types of piano that you have.

San Jose reputable movers are based in San Francisco and you can contact them when you need piano moving services.

The numerous services that San Jose Piano Movers offers are:

·         Refinishing your valuable piano

·         Storage or relocation of the piano

·         Tuning the piano

·         Sale of the piano

·         Moving budget

·         Moving the piano

Piano movers provide a wide and full range of relocation and moving services for your valuable piano. If you have problem regarding your piano, San Jose moving team will be the answer for you.

If you hire the piano movers of San Jose they make sure that the service is well guaranteed and full of honesty and hard work.  They make sure that they can work until the job is well done.


Bay area piano movers are top movers who have wide range of experience to make piano move done in quick and gentle manner. They will move your piano and carefully relocate this as if they own it.


How Bay area Piano Movers prepare for a piano move


As mentioned before, moving a piano is not a simple task. Piano movers who have monstrous and strong arms will be the one who will do the moving for you. But for instance piano moving can be done with the number of people who tend to carry the piano especially when the type of piano is heavy. Having the specialized equipment and knowledge on how to move the piano are what Bay area Piano Movers have in order for them to move the item in its destination.


Bay area Piano Moving team knows how to prepare the piano for moving to avoid any problem or damage.

When moving a piano, the first concern of the owner is the possible damage that may affect the piano. Each part of the piano is expensive especially for grinds and large upright types. Ideally, owners of the piano want to have a perfect and safe move for their valuable piano for moving procedures.


Here are the things that San Jose movers do to avoid your pianos to get damaged:


·         Remove all the hard materials and loose hardware that may cause damage to the piano. Piano movers will find it easy to move the piano in the specific location of the area if there is no interruption in the place.

·         Use of skid board. This is important equipment that you may use to support the weight of the piano when the piano movers already lift it.

·         To avoid damage in the piano during the process of moving, piano movers need to pad the whole part of the piano with at least two to three layers of the blanket and tie it with straps that have an effective adhesive tape. This kind of preparation for moving the piano is very important to ensure that the piano is protected from any damages.

·         There is a need to use clean and quality movers blankets to wrap the piano. Piano movers make sure that the blankets are clean and of high quality to ensure that the dust cannot enter thus protect the piano from condensation that can cause damage.


Thorough preparation for the moving of your piano can help save the time of the movers and streamline the hassle of relocation.

Bay area Piano Movers are proud to serve and offer high quality moving services in the entire Bay Area and with each adjacent community.


Bay area movers are very important that you have to consider them in moving your valuable piano. Finding the right piano mover for your instrument is the best choice for you as an owner. Piano moving in Bay area is a great help for every consumers who want to organize their instrument inside the house.

Bay area Piano Moving is what you are looking for moving of your precious and valuable piano. Your concerns regarding your piano are already fixed because of the services that piano movers offer.


However, is not just because of the moving services but also because the piano movers have a great and high reputation when it comes to such services. Bay area Piano Moving provides the most commendable moving approaches along with commitment, caring attitude and all the characteristics that you want for your piano.

Piano movers make sure that they provide the most dependable moving services that you are looking for in San Jose.

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How to Move a Piano

Moving a instrument needs preparing and attempt. Pianos are really large and their completes are very susceptible to scrapes, represents and blemishes. Even a little straight instrument can think about more than 350 body system weight (0.1588 figure tons). Huge pianos can easily think about over 1,000 body system weight (0.4536 figure tons), and mature straight pianos are usually top large, creating them unforeseen and more complicated to go. Adhere to these actions to securely and efficiently move any type of instrument.

1. Know your instrument. The spinet instrument is the tiniest type of instrument usually seen in houses. Designed from the 30's on through the end of the Last millennium, a spinet piano's featherweight is obtained by awesome technological innovation of the key techniques within. Spinet pianos are not very high, significant out at about 3 legs (0.9 m) in dimension, and they are usually 58 inches extensive comprehensive extensive (147.3 cm) long, the same as other types of straight instrument.

Despite their relatively little dimension, they usually think about at least 300 body system weight, creating the job of shifting them a group attempt not to be performed properly.

2. Strategy your route. Have a apparent route from beginning to end in ideas before you begin to go the instrument, and weblink it to everyone who is assisting you enhancement.

Using a tape-measure, make sure that the spinet will fit through every access or beginning you strategy to go it through.

If the instrument is being shifted out of the home to a shifting vehicle, have the vehicle begin and any shifting gateways used before the move, and strategy to go the instrument before any other, less large furnishings so that there is enough for your group to go it into position.

For protection aspects, one individual per 100 body system weight is suggested for this and all straight instrument goes. This may work out to more people than are absolutely needed, but extra employees can help in other techniques (such as beginning doors), and can stage in should somebody begin to get used out.

3. Get ready the instrument. Properly secured down the spinet's lid and laptop computers pc key-board lid, if there is one. Secure the instrument in large bed sheets or exclusive shifting bed sheets and use overall look record to secured the bed sheets around the instrument. This will avoid scuffing on the complete and finishes. 

4. Shift the instrument. A spinet's low information makes for a relatively easy move. Using as much help as you consider necessary, have each individual improve up a different part of the instrument at the same time. Be sure that everyone is improving from extremely below whole body system of the instrument. In little, calculated actions, slowly move the instrument to its position.

Never progressively slowly move the instrument more than a few legs without avoiding to absolutely completely totally reset your keep.